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2018 - A Year of Pain, Healing & Transformation

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

This pagepfrom Tanya Markal's book Titled, The She Book, grabbed me by the heart and gut and instantly had me in tears! This was my 2018. The year I hit my rock bottom, but also the year I rose from the ashes, as a phoenix does, and soared to my greatest heights. I found my life's purpose. I found my passions and dreams again. I found laughter and the greatest love and my own heart again.
When facing the diagnosis of three different autoimmune diseases and the loss of my job all within 24 hours I refused to just lay down and be sick. I ACCEPTED THE CHALLENGE. I recreated my life for the better. I'm now happier and more aligned and balanced than I've ever been in my life.
When you are facing great challenges and maybe even one of the darkest moments in your life, you always have a choice... Will you learn from the pain? Will you accept the challenge?


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