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Align, Not Hussle in 2019

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

I hustled the first 40 years of my life. I started my first business at 14, the second at 19. I went to college for my senior year of high school. At one point in high school I was working three different jobs to support myself. Out of college I was working 12 to 16 hours a day. I know hustle intimately.

I ended up hustling myself sick. January two years ago I collapsed in the hallway of my home. I didn't even go to the doctor, I added some vitamins and restricted dairy and kept moving forward. I thought if I just hustled hard enough that I would become enough, that I would be worthy. I was chasing some elusive level of success in effort to outrun the shame and from trauma in my childhood.

Early this year I could feel my mind and body giving out completely. I finally went to the doctor and did blood work. I was diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases and lost my job all within the same 24 hours! That began my wellness journey that turned into my spiritual journey.

Now, I align. I used yoga, meditation, and several other self care secrets to completely turn my health and my life around. Now I understand that I was already worthy that I've always been enough. I understand that we are stronger and even more successful when we balance out and can slow down and listen to our bodies and listen to our heart. There is no shame, in fact only wisdom in knowing when to rest and restore. I am now experiencing a whole new level of happiness and joy that I never felt before in my life! My husband and my children can see it and feel it in me.

I am immensely grateful for what I call my 'Second Life'. I am so excited to be able to share with others in hopes they can align instead of hustle to the very best version of themselves too!


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