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Are You Ready for Your Self Care Adventure?

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

Welcome to my very first Blog! It's my goal to be your go-to for everything Self Care. A little bit about me…I’ve recently gone through a huge life transformation that started in early 2018. I was diagnosed with 3 auto immune diseases and lost my Corporate job I had worked my whole life to attain, all within the same 24 hours! I was devastated, I thought I had lost everything. I was physically sick, but I was also soul sick. In my effort to attain what I thought was success, I had completely disconnected myself from my true feelings and what made me happy in life. I had literally worked myself sick because I didn’t know how to balance out the hard work with self care. In my darkest moments, I found self care. I started a daily routine of self care and entered Yoga Teacher Training. These were two of the biggest changes that turned my entire life around! My soul is now alive with passion and true happiness!

Now as a Self Care Educator and Yoga Teacher, it is my mission to share the benefits of self care with others as part of bringing my healing full circle. For my own health, I have to keep a strong daily self care routine. I’ve been researching, reading and partnering with others to learn as much as possible to both support my own health, but also to share with others.

Although I now speak and teach about self care, I will forever be a student of self care too. Learning new things nourishes us both mentally and physically. I feel genuine joy and excitement each time I learn of a new self care tool and I’m even more fulfilled to have the honor of sharing it with YOU!

You can expect weekly updates about everything self care, from essential oils, to Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps, to Cryofacials and Floating Tanks. It’s my life path to find and share the most effective and most interesting new self care tips and tools available.

So join me in this self care adventure…let’s slow it down, relax and go within! This is meant to be interactive. Please comment and share your own self care adventures, share anything you’d like me to include on my blog, share what draws you to self care. I look forward to your input and building a community of like minded self care adventurers. 

                                                                                                With Joy & Love,

                                                                                                Cheri Smith


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