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CBD - Sleep Better, Live Better

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

I've struggled with sleep since I was a child. I had multiple nightmares every night for decades. Never good, happy positive dreams that most people spoke of. I was always fighting for my life, struggling to survive, every single night, night after night. 

I saw my first sleep therapist at the age of 10. At 16 our family doctor started me on a regimen of different anti-anxiety & depression medication. By 19 I decided to get off the meds and try to use exercise and fitness instead. 

It never did the complete an adult I was high functioning and worked 12- 14 hour days. Still struggling with sleep every night. After kids - forget it!!! I became so sleep deprived I started running full time on adrenaline and eventually burnt out my adrenal glands.

I ended up working myself sick. Diagnosed with multiple auto immune diseases and let go from my employer all within 24 hours!! I had hit my rock bottom physically and mentally.

In the depths of my pain...I discovered the combo of yoga and CBD. I'm not only functioning, I'M THRIVING!!! I use the CBD drops with the Linalool/Blueberry terpene to get a full night sleep every night!! I've been able to reset my adrenal glands. I've made incredible improvements with my thyroid, arthritis and celiacs disease.
Now I enjoy the beautiful dreams that I heard people talk about for so many years...I get to experience the joy and freedom myselfmyself.

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