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Gratitude - An Energetic Reset Meditation

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

Gratitude is one of the single most important and beneficial feelings to have. There is immense power and energy in gratitude. Anything new and beautiful in your life first starts with feeling the emotion of gratitude. Manifesting or bringing anything new in your life must first start with gratitude.

You can use gratitude as a self care tool! In any moment when you're not feeling your best, try cultivating the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude can completely reset your energy and emotions in only a few minutes, sometimes even instantly!

Gratitude Reset Meditation:

Find a quiet area, could be in your house, could be in the woods, to be the bathroom at work, could be anywhere. Just somewhere you can have your own time and space for a few moments. Mom's, yes this could even be hiding in the closet 🤣 or like I do hiding in the office for a few minutes...Take a comfortable seated position. Place both hands over your heart. Close your eyes and shift from thinking to feeling. Feel the love and warmth of emotion coming from your heart. Began to cultivate, yes CREATE your own feelings of gratitude stemming from your heart center. Take deep inhales and exhales. You can imagine yourself inhaling love/gratitude and exhaling fear/stress. Continue to feel the love and gratitude grow from your heart center until it completely envelops your entire body. Then you are bathing in pure love and gratitude. 💜🤗💚

Literally, it's like hitting a reset button in your brain. There is always something to be grateful for. Practice finding all the things in your life to be grateful for. Put your focus and energy into gratitude and then watch for shifts and blessings in your life.

Art by MC Yogi


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