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Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat Review

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

So a lot of my hot yoga friends and fellow yoga teachers have been asking me to post a review of how my new cork yoga mat is treating me.

After researching a lot of different brands and thicknesses, I went with a 6 mm sustainable cork mat by Yoloha. There were 5 mm cork mats I saw at higher prices. I liked the extra mm on this for cushion on my knees for poses like crescent Moon. 

I heard the cork was great for people that sweat a lot like me, but I was delighted to find it still gripped well even for a light practice without the sweat or moisture. 

From this picture you can see it got truly tested and I'm happy to say it past the sweat slip test!! This was a level 2 Hot Yoga class. Although there were literally puddles of sweat on the mat I did not slip and was able to maintain my focus during the entire class 🙌🏼 

The only slight drawback is the 6 mm that I chose. It does make the balancing postures just a bit more difficult, but to me the extra cushion under the knees is worth it. I see this as a challenge to strengthen my balancing muscles 🙏🏼

I had also heard about a lot of the really strong smells coming from Cork mats. This was made from sustainable cork not the cheap rubber invitations, so there was no strong rubber smell. Just a light cork smell. After a a couple weeks of use and sprays of thieves essential oil, the smell has dissipated.

I am in love with my new sustainable cork mat! Again, I am a very heavy sweater and do a lot of hot yoga, and this baby is holding up great! I highly recommend this Yoloha cork mat!! Plus, the chakra design is absolutely gorgeous and reminds and inspires me to maintain balance in my chakras. 

Yoloha Cork Mat $109 Available On This Website Under Shop.

Other yoga mats, props and yoga wear available on my website also. (Photo taken from top of mat so chakra ladder appears reversed in photo.)


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