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Top 4 Tips to Maintain Gut Health (And Your Waistline) Through Thanksgiving

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

With your Thanksgiving feast on the way tomorrow, be mindful of your gut health. here are my Top 4 Tips to maintain a happy belly and still enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner.

1. Eat Breakfast - don't skip breakfast thinking you'll save room for Thanksgiving dinner. You will only be overly hungry and make bad decisions when dinner comes. Instead think high protein and vegetables. An omelette full of veggies is a great choice! This helps regulate your digestive system for the day and prepare you for Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Don't Skip Meals - this goes with the same thinking as not skipping breakfast. Don't skip lunch either. Depriving yourself only makes you more ravenous and more likely to overeat at dinner. Again, high protein and veggies. This will regulate your energy and mood throughout the day. You wont' be hangry or overly emotional when the in-laws arrive ;-)

3. Drink Apple Vinegar Cider - in the morning and again after Thanksgiving dessert. Mix 1 Tbsp of ACV with a half Tbsp of either lemon or honey, whichever you have on hand to help balance out the acidity. ACV regulates your blood sugar AND helps you control your appetite. Taking it once in the morning primes your digestive system for the big meal. Having the second one after Thanksgiving dessert helps your body digest dinner and regulate the sugar in your blood from dessert. Win = Win.

4. Bitter and Lime Secret - I learned plenty of tips and tracks while bartending my way through college. Bitter, typically used in cocktails like martini's is also great for gut health! Mix your choice of either 1 oz Tequila or 1oz Gluten Free Vodka (Smirnoff or Chopin) with a squeeze of lime and splash of bitters. Non-alcoholic version, simply mix soda water with a squeeze of lime and a splash of bitters. The lime and bitters reduces gas and bloating while increasing digestive enzymes that are vital to digestion.




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