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What's a Terpene!?!

Posted by Cameron Cheri Smith on

The CBD Yoga Teacher offers crystal clear CBD Isolate with TERPENES!! What's a Terpene?!🌱

In a nutshell, terpenes direct the CBD medicine within your body.

Diving a little deeper, terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbon molecules within the cannabis plant. Similar to commonly sought after essential oils, terpenes are the oils that give the plant their signature smell.

About 200 different terpenes have been found in cannabis; although they are not limited to cannabis and are found in common plants. Just like CBD, terpenes are non-psychoactive. Their unique profile provides one-of-a-kind health benefits signature to each strain.

Beyond cannabinoids, each strain has a different terpene profile with varying effects. In a strain with a strong presence of lavender, linalool is often a dominant terpene which contributes to the strains relaxing effects. An earthy-pine aroma reminding you of conifer trees will typically represent a pinene terpene. Each of these molecules provide the body with an array of health benefits.

Pinpoint the effects you want to feel by adding terpenes to your Dropper. ✍🏼 @infinite_c_b_d

TERPENES I currently offer:

Blueberry/Linalool for added relaxation and sedative effect. 

OG Kush/Caryophyllene that gives you all of the CBD benefits, but without the physical sedative feeling - great when you need to stay alert. 

Lemon Haze/Lemonene that is uplifting for your mood, plus helps with gastric reflux and serves as an anti-inflammatory fungal.

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