It's Not Woo Woo, It's Quantum Physics!©

My Story

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Cheri grew up in Southern California, but spent ages 14 - 21 in Vancouver WA & Portland OR. During her many adventures in the North West, including owning/riding horses, dirt bike racing, and hiking waterfalls like Silver Falls and Multnomah Falls, she lived on a houseboat off Sauvie Island in Oregon. It is one of the largest freshwater islands in the US. Home to multiple nature and Historical areas, it has no gas stations or grocery stores. Every time she cross the bridge from the main land to the island she set the intention to leave the days’ worries and stress behind. Upon returning from the North West, she settled in Carlsbad, California, where she met her love and husband of 20+ years. At the same time she discovered yoga in Encinitas.

                                           Intuition is the GPS of the Soul

She walked into a silent Ashtanga Yoga class in 1999 as her very first class, it was sink or swim! This wasn’t the first surprise or challenge presented in her life, she knew how to “swim”. Cheri began a consistent practice under Troy Taylor, attending retreats and workshops to deepen her knowledge. Growing up as an athlete and already having a solid foundation in weight training, Yoga felt like a missing link that pulled everything together physically. At this time, she didn’t take advantage of the full spiritual connection, that yoga also provides. She enjoyed the physicality, but being raised Christian, she was skeptical. It had an alluring mystical quality to it, but she just wasn’t ready at that time to integrate meditation.

          The real reason people awaken is because they finally stopped

agreeing to things that insult their soul.     

Cheri was always achievement driven. She put herself through College and a built a successful career and family, but she fell further away from her yoga practice. Without the benefits of yoga, she grew more disconnected with her true self and struggled with anxiety. She could feel in her heart she had a bigger purpose. But the financial security from the Corporate world supported her family. At that time she didn’t have the vision or courage to seek a new way. It took a rock bottom of having a health scare and being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases for her to finally “let go of the wheel”. She began her wellness journey and reconnected with her Yoga practice. This time, she had the courage to follow her intuition and passion and signed up to be a Yoga Teacher. The journey of Yoga Teacher Training was a very large piece of the puzzle that healed her physically, mentally and spiritually.

                                                Learn More, Worry Less

Now, as a certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher, Cheri practices and shares the many tools of self care, yoga and meditation being key. As a Self Care Educator and Yoga Teacher, she is re-invigorated by the beauty in each soul and has a sincere desire to help others live their best and fullest lives. Her classes and workshops always go deep into the mind, body, breath connection and have a healing/learning thread to them. 

As a Frequency Healer, Cheri combines Reiki energy with vibrational energy  -> the frequency behind all crystals, sound bowls, theta waves and plant medicines like essential oils. She is intuitively guided to alchemize these energies and healing modalities to create a true Soul Healing experience for her students and clients.  

She considers herself a servant healer and an energy alchemist; guiding you to transform your pain into your personal power, in order walk your soul purpose in the highest expression of your authentic self.

"It's not woo woo, it's quantum physics.©"


                                       Inner Peace is the New Success


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