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Sound Healing

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Sound Healing

Our bodies have a natural affinity to the quartz in the crystal singing bowls. On a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energies. Crystal acts as an oscillator, magnifying and transmitting pure tone. Crystal singing bowls balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain, therefore balancing the masculine and feminine energies of your field. Sound therapy rebalances your energetic field and brings it into alignment for optimal health, physically and mentally. Sound is a powerful tool for managing anxiety and depression. The sound frequency also helps alleviate chronic inflammation and pain. 

Sound Bath: Reiki Master Teacher Cheri Smith will harmonize the sound frequencies of Crystal singing bowls, gong, chimes and more! Experience deep healing during sound therapy as the sound vibrations open, clear, and balance stale/stuck energy. Consider it equivalent to an energetic deep tissue massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and replenished.

Sound Training:  

Sound Bowl L1 -  Become a Certified Sound Bowl Practitioner!

Immerse yourself in the energy, frequency and vibration of sound bowls for meditation and healing!

We'll take a look at the history behind sound healing. 

Understand the power behind sound healing and how it activates the mind, body and soul. 

Learn how the frequency of sound bowls can be integrated with the Chakra system for balancing/healing.

Hands on time to to feel your way through playing the bowls.

Guided to create your own sound healing meditations and healing based on the changing needs of your mind, body and soul.

Receive a Guided Meditation + Sound Bowl Energetic Cleansing experience.

Certificate of Completion with your name on it.

Sound Bath L2 - Become a Certified Sound Bath Practitioner!

Join Reiki Master Teacher Cheri Smith In Person or Virtually via Zoom!

How to assist your participants into a comfortable, supported position for their sound experience.

How to verbally guide your participants into a relaxed, meditative state to begin their experience.

Learn to harmonize the frequency of 2 or more sound bowls together.

Introducing new instruments (gong, chimes, maracas, custom instruments etc).

How to integrate guided meditations and visualization into your sound baths. - How to gently bring your participants back from their sound experience and ground back into the physical.

How to create and build intentions and themes into your Sound Bath offerings.

Certificate of Completion with your name on it.

*Schedule your Sound Training through the link on Home Page of this Website. 

Cheri Smith is a member of the Sound Healers Association. She is an experienced Teacher/Trainer with over 100 students taught. She has students from San Diego to New York...or learn from anywhere in the world! In person and Virtual Trainings Available.

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