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11pc Carnelian Sacral Chakra Stones

Soul Healing with Cheri

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Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing Pack. Excellent for crystal gridding! Or place entire cotton bag of crystals over your womb space for Sacral Chakra Balancing.


Contains 11 pieces of polished, tumbled Carnelian. Each piece is roughly 3/4 in to 1 in. Total weight of set is a little over 2 oz. 


Feel like you've lost your creativity? Is your passion waning? Are you suffering from a creative block in either work or play? Reach for Carnelian! These gorgeous, smooth, polished beauties will absorb density and clear energetic blocks through your 1st and 2nd Chakras. Helping you feel rooted and secure enough to express your passion and creativity!

Chakras: Root & Sacral Pieces with darker red support the root mark, pieces with orange support the sacral more. Usually a beautiful blend of both are present.

Cotton carry bag included.