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7 Chakra Crystal Set

Soul Healing with Cheri

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This is not a cookie cutter set! This Chakra Crystal Set is custom curated. Each Crystal is hand-picked.

This Chakra Crystal Set includes Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra, where most other sets use Green Adventurine. Also includes Blue Lapis, Not Sodalite.

Deep dark, gorgeous purple Amethyst. Carnelian is also incredibly high quality.

Good sized Clear Quartz:
1) Works as a Crown Chakra tool
2) Larger size amplifies the other Chakra crystals
3) Serves as a center piece for Crystal Gridding.

🤍 Crown: Clear Quartz
💜 3rd Eye: Amethyst
💙 Throat: Lapis Lazuli (Blue Lapis)
💗 Heart: Rose Quartz
💛 Solar Plexus: Tigers Eye
🧡 Sacral: Carnelian
❤️ Root: Red Jasper

Set comes in a cotton carry bag, helping to keep all 7 chakras together in one place.

Each crystal between 1" - 2".

Wooden disk for display only, not included.