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Genuine Crystal Pendant With 24k Gold Leaf

The CBD Yoga Teacher

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Gorgeous genuine crystal pendants with edges wrapped in 24k gold. Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz available. While supplies last. Chain not included.

Keep your intention close to your heart with this beautiful pendant. 

Amethyst: Helps relieve anxiety and stress. Promotes tranquility, calmness and relaxation. This beautiful purple crystal resonates with your third eye chakra, thus helping balance your 3rd Eye Chakra. It also helps connect and deepen your psychic ability.

Clear Quartz: The all-powerful cleanser! Remove any unwanted negative energy by transmuting it to light. Clear quartz also amplifies an intention and amplifies other crystals as well. Clear quartz resonates with your Crown Chakra, therefore connecting you to the Divine.

Rose Quartz: Ultimate connection to love in all forms! This gorgeous pink crystal helps cultivate self love and compassion, as well as love and compassion for others. It resonates with your Heart Chakra and help s heal and balance the energies of a sad, broken or blocked heart.