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Heart Chakra CBD Essential Oil Roller

Soul Healing with Cheri

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100mg of CBD blended with the most high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils specifically for your Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located in your heart area and resonates with the color green and pink. your Heart Chakra is associated to self love and love towards others, self-compassion and compassion towards others as well as your sense of community. We also experience grief in this Chakra Center.

Apply directly to your heart area, as well as wrists and neck if desired. This blend contains pure, high quality rose oil within the blend, giving it a beautiful loving scent. Rose oil is one of the most expensive oils. Therefore this roller is slightly more expensive than the others, but still reasonably priced.

Comes in a dark purple glass roller bottle. Dark colored glass helps protect the quality and longevity of your oils.

Full Chakra CBD Essential Oil Roller Set available on this website. Search "Chakra Set" or "Oil Set". $77 for 7 Chakra CBD Essential Oil Rollers. Include sleek, black carry case with set for $93.

*Crystals shown with roller are not included. Full Crystal Chakra sets are available. 7 total crystals and a purple velvet carrying bag $22. Available separately on this website. Search "Crystal set" or "Chakra Set".