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Unconditional Love - Crystal Infused Heart Chakra Oil Roller

Soul Healing with Cheri

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1 - 10ml Crystal Infused Heart Chakra Essential Oil Roller. Unconditional Love. Cotton carry bag included.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Cap. Certified cruelty free, therapeutic grade oils. Glass bottle.

Roll on relief! Transmute energy with these mindfully blended, crystal infused oil rollers. 

Created with love and intention, only the highest quality essential oils and fractionated coconut oil used. Organic oils used when available. 

Guaranteed genuine crystals. All Soul Healing Rollers are sage smudged and Reiki infused by Reiki Master Teacher Cheri Smith. She's alchemized the healing frequencies of the crystals and oils for you. Just relax, receive and roll on!

Use as aromatherapy to help shift energy and perspective instantly! Also makes a great meditation companion. Amplifies intention.

Roll onto pulse points (wrists, inner elbow crease, behind the ear. You can roll oil into both palms, then rub palms together, bring palms to "cup" nose and mouth and inhale deeply. Essential oils are also absorbed well through the arches of the feet and big toe. External use only. Do not eat.

Cotton carry bag Included to make it easy to take your Crystal Oil Roller on the go!

Many thanks and blessings for your purchase.

Unconditional Love. Heart Chakra. Green/Pink. Infused with genuine Rose Quartz crystals. Heart Opener, Heart Healer, Ultimate Self Love and Self Compassion reminder. Lift dense energy from the heart. Soothes grief. Roll directly onto heart space. 

*Heart Chakra Roller $2 more than other Soul Healing Rollers because it's made with Rose Oil, one of the most expensive oils in the world.

Made with proprietary blend of oils, including but not limited to: Bergamot, Rhododendron and Pink Grapefruit.

**If you have an oil allergy or sensitivity, Please message me what you are allergic or sensitive to and I can let you know if it is included in the roller(s) that you are interested in.

***No refunds based upon not liking the smell of the oil. These are masterfully blended oils that received the stamp of approval from leading essential oil experts. Soul Healing stands behind the blend and it's impossible to please every single nose. With that in mind, know that every single roller blend with the exception of the Root Chakra (stinky, sweet root earthy smell), smells incredible! I blended these to be wearable myself. Something I could roll on and also double as a perfume, since regular perfume irritates my skin. So I'm asking you to trust!!! Trust that these are pleasant smelling, but also blended for the healing frequency needed in each Chakra energy center. Thank you, Cheri.