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Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Soul Healing with Cheri

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8 Week Self Mastery Course. 

Reset. Renew. Rebirth.

Tune into your soul frequency. Become a steward of your vital life force energy and walk the path of your soul purpose.

Want to discover your personal mission in life? And your unique talents and gifts that you're taking with you along the journey?

Do you feel like you are being called for more? Something different, something unknown, but your soul is definitely yearning for change? Do you feel stuck in your current situation? Not quite sure how you got where you are and know in your gut there must be a different path? You just intuitively feel in your heart that you've outgrown your current job, situation or position in life...

Have you been feeling mood swings, ringing in your ears, grown much more sensitive to violence and injustice, seeing repeating numbers (111, 333, 777)?

Abundance and flow are our natural state. When we are walking within our Soul Path, we experience a rooted flow and beautiful things, people and experiences are drawn to us. We are in an energy vortex and experience synchronicities and see angel numbers as affirmation when we are walking within our Soul Purpose.

Each of us has a Soul Purpose in this life. A reason and a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. Yes, you too! Every single soul, every single being has a mission to fulfill while we are here.

If you are not walking within your Soul Purpose you know it, you feel it deep in your core. You are restless and seeking and searching until you do. 

Maybe you already have an idea, a spark! Something pulling at your heart that you want to explore or affirm? 

Maybe you're thinking about creating your own virtual business to stay flexible and work from home? A business you can call your life's work and pull from all of your life's experiences to be in service to others. Your up level is calling you…

Don't waste another year not experiencing the bliss, joy and flow of what it feels like to walk within your soul purpose! This is your year!!

Certificate of Completion: You will receive a Certificate of Completion with your name on it.

Attendance: All weekly Zoom Virtual Meets will be recorded. If you miss a Virtual Meet, the recording will be emailed to you. No more than 2Virtual Meets can be missed. Learning together as a group has it's magic. We activate one another when we gather. 

Weekly Zoom Virtual Meets: Every Wednesday evening, starting April 19th, for 8 weeks.

Payments: Payment Schedule Available, Just Ask! Payments can be broken up into 2 or 4 installments. Minimum of 2 payments or 50% down before Program Start Date 4/19/23.