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Free Crystal Fundamentals Workshop

Soul Healing with Cheri

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* Be sure to include your Email Address. A Crystal Workshop Handout and Zoom Link will be emailed to you prior to class start. 

Let Reiki Master Teacher Cheri Smith guide you through the fundamentals of crystals for healing. Learn the science behind these beautiful gems, including how a famous IBM Scientist of 30 years has PROVEN that crystals store, amplify and direct energy for healing!

Cheri will cover the Top 8 Recommended crystals for your energy worker tool kit. She will also cover the handful of ways to cleanse and charge your crystals without the use of water.

We will also cover which crystals to keep out of the sun, and which crystals to keep out of water.

This Free Workshop includes a 2 page Handout that will be emailed to you with your Zoom Link. 

Although this is a Free Workshop, we ask for your commitment. Please set a reminder in your calendar. We look forward to you joining us!