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Non CBD Mother's Day Gift Box

The CBD Yoga Teacher

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Give a thoughtful gift with intention this Mother's Day. Whether it's a gift for your mother, or any Sacred Feminine Creator in your life, this is a unique gift they are sure to love!

Non CBD Mother's Day Box Includes:

• Non CBD Bath Bomb. All natural lavender bath bomb to help you melt the stress away.

• 4" Sage smudge stick for cleansing negative energy.

• 4" Paulo Santo stick for grounding and calming.

• 2 Rose Quartz Crystals to help open the heart and connect deeper with unconditional love for self and others. One polished and one raw rose quartz crystal.

• Cotton bag to hold crystals.

Special note reads:

Happy Mother's Day

Please enjoy this box of unconditional love. We honor the sacred feminine creator in you!

Woman, you are far more than just someone who walks on the Earth, You are a soul, a divine being, and all powerful creator. Within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the holy creative forces of the wild feminine. You are sacred, except nothing else but the divine. ~ Shikoba

Thank you for giving a unique gift and supporting my small business.