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Sage and Crystal Set

Soul Healing with Cheri

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High vibe gift...check! Self love gift set...check! This box of Soul Healing supplies is sure to ground and cleanse your energy.

Angel Aura Quartz Necklace: Resonates with your crown chakra. Each quartz pendant is between 1.5 and 2 in on a silver plated chain. *Your own chain can be switched out to get the length and strength that you desire.

Rainbow Aura Quartz Heart: Clears all 7 chakras! The rainbow iridescence of this gem will absorb and move stale/stagnant energy. The heart shape infuses love into the clearing process. Meditate with this crystal in the palm of your hand or on any one of the major seven chakras to lift dense energy. Even just looking at this gorgeous stone will lighten your mood.

5" White Sage Fairy Flower Bundle: Grandmother sage is a Master Cleanser. Her smoke will cleanse you, your crystals and your space of negative and unwanted energies. All Soul Healing Sage is sourced from a sustainable family farm in Northern California. There is gold and quartz in the soil where the sage is grown, infusing additional healing energies. *See Instagram @soulhealing_with_cheri for Free videos on burning sage.

Palo Santo: Has been used for thousands of years by South American indigenous people to start prayer or meditations. Santo has a masculine energy that smells of sweet wood. It smooths Your energy and grounds it into mother Earth. Santo's masculine energy and sweet smell are a good alternative for those who may be sensitive to Sage.

Includes cotton drawstring bag to carry crystals.

All Soul Healing crystals are sage smudged and Reiki infused by Reiki Master Teacher Cheri.