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Spiral Selenite wands

The CBD Yoga Teacher

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A true Reiki Tool, this spiral wand directs the highly charged and cleansing energy of the selenite itself!

I use this in Reiki sessions at the crown of the head as a way to bring in more healing light into the energetic and physical body.

You can also use them on pain points on the body, directing the healing white light into the pain center with the pointed end of the wand.

The opposite dull end, can be used as a massage wand. Gently massaging a sore muscle.

✨ Loving reminder that #selenite is similar to salt, do not expose to water! As a guide, any crystals that end in "ite" should not be exposed to water.

The good news is, selenite is the one crystal that does not need to be charged or cleansed. Use your selenite to charge and cleanse other crystals in between full moons.

Selenite is known as the master cleanser in the crystal and mineral world. It will cleanse you, your crystals and your space. I consider it a basic and foundational crystal to any healing collection.